System module

Dynamic Take-off/
landing and Auto Follow Module
  • · With a minimum 1 ㎡space, Ziyan UAV can take off and land and fly with a high-speed mobile platform.

  • · Auto take-off and landing, the maximum speed of the mobile platform can reach65 km / h.

  • ·  Auto following, the maximum speed of the mobile platform can reach 90 km / h.

*The above data are all high-speed driving test data under barrier-free conditions on closed roads.
Intelligent Swarming Module
  • · Intelligent distributed swarm of Ad hoc network, independent from GCS. Inter-communicate, maintain formation, auto avoidance.

  • · Up to 64 nodes are supported for swarm flight, including 8 nodes with video transmission.

  • · Overall relay function to avoid ambient occlusion.

  • · The maximum communication distance is 20 kilometers.

  • · If one UAV got damaged it will not affect the whole swarm operation.

△ In 2020, with the assistance of the Ziyan tetherd system for nearly 12 hours of airborne monitoring, the precise cooling of the high temperature area of ​​an explosion site was successfully completed.
Tethered UAV System
  • · Hover in the air 24 hours a day with the connection of tethered power system.

  • · Multiple mission equipment can be mounted according to requirements, such as surveillance equipment, communication relay equipment etc.

  • · Multiple solutions such as fixed-point monitoring, emergency communication, signal monitoring etc.

  • · Widely used in military police, public security, fire fighting and other fields