Industrial Application
“ I can complete the maritime inspection just by standing on the shore. ”
—— One of the Customer Comments
Maritime Inspection | Island Patrol | Maritime Rescue | Cross Sea Transportation | Shipborne Tethered System | Fishery Patrol | Offshore Electric Tower Inspection | Offshore Wind Power Inspection
Application Challenge
- The offshore wind is strong with the complex wind field, the wide inspection range, few takeoff and landing platforms, and the long-distance.
- The high demands of wind resistance, reliable data link, ways of taking off and landing, stability, and long endurance of UAV are required.
Advantages of ZIYAN
  • High Wind Resistance
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Long Endurance
  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight
  • Dynamic Auto Takeoff and Landing
Application cases
  • Comprehensive application of
    Dangan Town Island

    Located in the middle of the sea,
    scattered islands, vast sea area
    During the winter, expect Northeast Wind of Level 7
  • Completing daily patrol of sea area and surroundings.
    Only taking one hour. Shortened by one third
    The efficiency has tripled.
  • Pure Electric, High-Cost Performance for Long Term Use
    Directional Tracking & Rapid Recognition
    Checking the ship number clearly from 100 meters Away
    with the all-round investigation
    (*Without Haze)
“ I have been using the UAV for nearly four years, and it allows me to see
the mountain road clearly, and it’s much more efficient than hiking ”
—— One of the Customer Comments
Forest patrol | vegetation distribution and pest monitoring | biodiversity research and protection | geological survey | power patrol | mountain logistics | border patrol
Application challenges
- Mountainous terrain is complex, the height drop is large, the signal is easy to be blocked, the inspection area is wide, the night inspection is difficult, and the takeoff and landing platforms are few and the distance is far
- High requirements for wind resistance, data link, takeoff and landing mode, stability and endurance of UAV
Advantages of ZIYAN
  • Simulated flight
  • automatic line inspection
  • intelligent obstacle avoidance
  • star-level night vision
  • beyond visual line of sight
Application cases
  • Application of Forest Protection Inspection in High-Tech District
    3 Years 192 Flights No Accident
    Inspection Time: from October to Next April
  • Day Patrol Effect
  • Night Patrol Effect
Southern Ocean Laboratory of China
Dexterity: Stable Flight with High Efficiency in Complex Environment
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