120 Minutesfor One Flight
Without Changing Battery

● Unique Battery Management System, Self-Adaptive Speed Adjustment, Doubling Endurance
● The Longest Flight Time is 120 Minutes
*Longest Flight Time of 120 Minutes: The data was measured at a constant speed of 14 meters per second with a wind resistance of level 3, and the actual use time may vary depending on different modes of flight and accessories in different environments.
Far More than Distance
Much more flexible and efficient for teamwork coodination

The command center can quickly deploy emergency work according to the real-time image transmission information. The field operators can control the aircraft and load with one click, and share the real-time information to each other synchronously, which makes the team cooperation more flexible and efficient.

  • suitable for joint prevention and control of emergency

  • one UAV multi station monitoring

  • A-B point remote handover control

Data Link
New C30 Data Link
seeing far is really far

30 kmReal Time HD Image Transmission
  • Data and image transmission integrated design,frequency independent, able to set the frequency solely

  • ● Automatic frequency hopping,strong anti-jamming ability

  • AES-256digital encryption technology, ensuring security of data transmission

Moving Base | Dynamic Takeoff and Landing
A New Mode of Three Dimensional Cooperative Operation Between Sea, Land, and Air

The following speed of ZIYAN’s moving base is more than 60 km /h
* ZIYAN’s moving base takeoff and landing following module is optional module
Power Management Unit High Integrated, More Stable and Reliable

  • ● new five in one avionics system

  • 76.9%,reduction in volume56.2%

  • 56.2%reduction in weight

Avionics Self Test
Waterproof Coating
Modular Design
Making Traveling More Convenient

  • Small
    the original tower structure design makes the fuselage more compact and light
  • Fast
    modular design
    3 minutes quick disassembly
  • Light
    composite materials account for more than 50% of the total aircraft
Gimbal Camera
Three Axis Gimbal + Unique Damping Device
Tridimensional Flexible Anti vibration mechanism

  • Without unique damping device
  • equipped with unique damping device
30X EO Camera with Laser Range Finder

  • 30X HD conversion
  • target recognition and tracking
  • one key positioning

30X laser ranging pod + loudspeaker
30X laser ranging pod + searchlight
tilt camera
multi-spectral camera
*loudspeaker, searchlight, tilt camera are optional loads, which need to be purchased separately

  • 30X laser ranging pod

    • 30X HD zoom• target recognition and tracking• One click positioning

  • Loudspeaker

    • volume over 130 db• broadcasting clearly at an altitude of 300m• the maximum sound distance is 1000m

  • Searchlight

    • height :100m lighting range: 707m• Illumination brightness 8000 lumens (lumen)• control distance : 30km


  • Dimension
    Length:1690mm width:247mm height: 495mm
  • UAV Weight
    3.7kg ( excluding battery and tripod )
  • Maximum takeoff weight
  • Maximum Payload
  • Wind resistance level
  • working temperature
    -20- 55°C ( low temperature battery can be customized )
  • Maximum operating ASL altitude
    5200 m ( should be under the legal flight altitude )
  • Economic
    50-70 km/h ( maximum horizontal speed 100km /h )
  • Maximum Endurance
    No load, with sufficient power : 120 min
  • Maximum flight distance

  • • Transportation case
  • • Integrated double screen ground station
  • • Solid state power battery
  • • Waterproof backpack
  • • Handheld remote control
*Waterproof backpack handheld flat remote control is an optional accessory, which needs to be purchased separately
Six Security Guarantees Flying is more reassuring
  • Night Lights
  • Obstacle
    Avoidance Module
  • Redundant
  • Avionics
  • Automatic
  • Data Link
Four years to make products
More safe and reliable

  • 18000+hours Horizontal flight test
  • 5000+hours Plateau Flight test
  • 20000+hours Sea flight test
  • 2000+ Data link pull distance test for 30 kilometers
Get Started Like Playing a Game
Easier Operation brought by Intelligent Algorithm and Interaction Technology

  • One Key Control Auto Takeoff / Hover / Return / landing
  • Planning Flight Route Double Click to Set Waypoint, Plan the Route Easily
  • Autonomous Flight Automatic Flight Along Preset Route
“Selecting ZIYAN UAV is a right choice”
-- One of the Customer Comments

  • “The endurance is really long. I didn’t expect that the electric unmanned helicopter would be able to fly for such a long time without changing batteries.”
  • “I can see the ship number and waterline of the ship from 200 meters away. I’m very satisfied.”
  • “It’s been used for more than a month. The plane is really good. The operation and installation is very simple. It is quite convenient to go out for work.”
Make it your best work partner

  • Forest Defense
    Mountain Patrol Forest Protection Mountain Search Emergency Command Mine Monitoring
  • River Inspection
    Pollution law enforcement andsupervisionFishing banFlood control and frought reliefWater search and rescue
  • Marine
    Cruise law enforcementemergencyResponse pollution controlPollution controlFishing ban
  • Oblique
    Land ownershipconfirmationEmergency rescueLanding planningDigital city

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