Introduction of Ziyan

Ziyan is the world’s leading R&D and manufacturer of intelligent unmanned aircraft system.

Ziyan is renowned for providing the world’s first small and medium-sized electric powered unmanned helicopter system, payload integration and aerial solutions.
Since 2017, Ziyan has been focusing on utilizing the electric powered unmanned helicopters for military tactical applications. In September 2019, Ziyan represented the Chinese Army and demonstrated the unmanned system. By the end of 2021, the unmanned helicopters of Ziyan have been widely used in the global armed force, naval force and air force for conducting tactical strikes, key area defense, transportation of emergency equipment, anti-terrorism, border control and other scenarios.
In the domestic industrial market, Ziyan’s unmanned system is mainly used in public security, search and rescue, epidemic prevention and disease control related mission, power line inspection, wind power turbine inspection, marine scientific research, maritime patrol, oil & gas industry, emergency fire protection, forest and environmental protection, water conservancy, surveying and mapping and other civil fields and domestic coastal defense fields.

Ziyan uses the independently developed air-ground-sea intelligent collaborative integration technology, moving base technology and distributed swarm technology as the basic layer of hardware platform technology in the tactical scenario application: integrating edge computing AI platform software/hardware equipment and SAAS platform software system to solve the Internet of things(IoT) port information decision-making and intelligent data application that users are most concerned about.

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    Invention Patent
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    Utility Model Patent
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  • Gold Award 2020 'Invention and Entrepreneurship Project Award' at the 24th National Invention Exhibition.
  • First Prize of High-End Equipment Manufacturing Industry Growth Group of the 8th ‘Pearl Award’ Science And Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and the 9th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition ( Guangdong ) in 2020
  • Listed for the National Finals of the 9th China Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition in 2020
  • First Prize of 'Robotics & Innovation Campaign of Tsinghua University' in 2020
  • Selected as Unicorn Seed Enterprise of Science & Technology Innovation in Zhuhai in 2020

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